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Company Profile

When you see the vastness of the sea, do you ever know that its expansiveness is just a gathering of trickles?

When you view the towering skyscrapers, do you get a clue that its height comes from bricks and tiles? 

And when you unfold an umbrella and the rain streams down over, do you ever wonder about its origin?


The History of the Cooperation
At certain point in 1984 in Taiwan, a plain dream broke the silence. Our mother company, Taiwan Yiinchuen Machine Co. Ltd. was born. No matter how insignificant the initial strength is, it will surely thrive through its bconstant efforts and devotion. 

With the passage of time, the world economy booming, the machinery industry, which represents the lifeblood of economic development, has been undergoing earth-shaking changes. Following the footsteps of the times, Yinchun is continuing to make progress.

In 1997, Hangzhou Yinchun Machine Co. Ltd. was officially established in Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Province, a national economic development zone. In 2017, Zhejiang Yinchun Machine Co. Ltd. was officially put into production in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province. Our story has also been turned into a new chapter.
The Introduction of the Cooperation

By more than 30 years of continuous research in the field of water jet loom, we have developed various generations of water jet loom with our abundant accumulation of technology, powerful R&D (research and development) teams as well as 5S management system. 

The product has obtained more than ten patents such as utility models and appearance designs, making the company a governing unit of China Textile Machinery Association, leading the world in the high-speed shuttleless water jet loom manufacturing industry.  

We have built the industry-leading water jet loom producing and processing workshop. Using imported processing equipment from Germany and Japan, we guarantee the precision and reliability of each loom part.

Besides, our company is equipped with the industry-leading pre-treatment suspension-type adjustably automatic spray line, and advanced electrostatic spray painting technology is used to ensure the products to be nice-looking and corrosion-resistant.

What’s more, we implement modernized warehousing management and use the warehousing center as the operational hub for the water jet looms. Materials will be accurately and efficiently delivered to the assembly line under a well-organized management process.

We possess the leading automatic assembly production line in China. Every 20 minutes, there is one loom completed on the line, the annual production reaching more than 6,000 looms. 

The Introduction of products

After years of technical accumulation and painstaking research and development, the company now has two series of products: JW-871 and JW-881.

The JW-871 series is a practical model that has been elaboratly improved and upgraded. Its overall structure is fully optimized, the beam support area enlarged, the stability and the precision of the whole machine greatly improved, thus making it fully meet the requirements for high-speed and high-density fabric production.

The JW-881 series is a new generation of models developed with the help of modern technology. With a harder frame structure, more stable weft insertion performance, and a more intelligent control system, the machine is more capable of ultra-high-speed and heavy fabric manufacturing, thus making the product more highly automated and worthwhile. 

Dedicated to the market for many years, we sell our products to Japan, the United States, South Africa, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, North Korea, South Korea and other countries in the world. The cumulative sales volume exceeds 100,000 units, which truly leads the world's loom manufacturing industry.

Look out for Future

With dreams and a big picture in mind, we have been dedicated to innovation and keep forging ahead. 

Following the National Belt and Road Initiative, Yiinchuen Machine will take on its great social responsibility, sparing no effort to not only fight for the sustainable development of textile industry, but also for the future of all human race. 



Company establishment time

Annual production


Hangzhou Yinchun Machine Co. Ltd.

At certain point in 1984 in Taiwan, a plain dream broke the silence. Our mother company, Taiwan Yiinchuen Machine Co. Ltd. was born. 

Development concept

Focus on innovation, vertical and horizontal latitude. With dreams, we keep moving forward

After years of technology accumulation and dedicated research and development, the company now has jw-871 and jw-881 series products

Development strategy