Company Introduction

Tracing company history
In 1984, in Taiwan, an ordinary dream shattered the silence. Our parent company, Taiwan Yinchun Machinery Co., Ltd., was born. No matter how small the initial strength may be, focusing on moving forward will surely lead to strong growth.
Time flies, and with the rapid development of the world economy, the mechanical industry, which represents the lifeline of economic development, is undergoing earth shaking changes. And the introduction of spring also follows the footsteps of the times, constantly advancing;
In 1997, Hangzhou Yinchun Machinery Co., Ltd. was officially established in Xiaoshan City, Zhejiang Province, a national level economic development zone; In 2017, Zhejiang Yinchun Machinery Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, and our story opened a new chapter.

Introduction to Growth Companies
After more than 30 years of research and development in the field of water jet looms, we have relied on our profound technological accumulation, strong R&D team, lean production 5S management system, and docking with international advanced textile machinery manufacturing technology to develop generation after generation of world advanced water jet looms. We have obtained more than ten patents for utility models, appearance designs, and become a member unit of the China Textile Machinery Association, and are at the forefront of the high-speed shuttleless water jet loom manufacturing industry in the world.
We have built an industry-leading production and processing workshop for water jet looms, using fully imported processing equipment from Germany and Japan to ensure the precision and reliability of every weaving machine component;
We have an industry-leading pre-treatment hanging adjustable automatic spraying line, and we use advanced electrostatic spraying technology to ensure that our products are beautiful and corrosion-resistant;
We implement modern warehouse management and use the warehouse center as the operational hub for spare parts of water jet looms. With a sound management process, we can accurately and efficiently deliver materials to the assembly line.
We have a leading domestic automatic assembly production line, and every 20 minutes, one equipment completes the assembly process and goes offline. We produce more than 6000 weaving machines annually.

Introduction to fruitful products
After years of technical accumulation and dedicated research and development, the company now has two major series of products, JW-871 and JW-881,
The JW-871 series is a practical model that has been carefully improved and perfected. The overall structure is comprehensively optimized and designed, expanding the support area of the crossbeam, greatly improving the stability of the whole machine, and greatly improving the precision of the whole machine coordination, fully meeting the production needs of high-speed and high-density fabrics.
The JW-881 series is a new generation of aircraft developed in combination with modern technology. With a more robust frame structure, more stable weft insertion performance, and a more intelligent control system, the whole machine is more suitable for the weaving requirements of ultra high speed and heavy weight fabrics, achieving customers' pursuit of high automation and high added value.
Our products have been sold to Japan, the United States, South Africa, India, Türkiye, Vietnam, Indonesia, North Korea, South Korea and other countries all over the world for many years, with a cumulative sales volume of more than 100000 sets, truly leading the world loom manufacturing industry.

Searching for the Future
Focusing on innovation, vertical and horizontal. Having dreams, we keep moving forward.
Spring induction machinery will firmly follow the national the Belt and Road initiative, with the ambition and mind to shoulder the social burden, and strive for the rapid development of the textile industry and the future of mankind.

Zhejiang Yichun Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yichun Machinery will firmly follow the national Belt and Road Initiative, with the ambition and mind to bravely carry the heavy burden of society, for the rapid development of the textile industry, for the future of mankind and struggle for life.

1984 Year

Company establishment time

6000 Yu Tai

Annual production looms

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Development concept

Focus on innovation, vertical and horizontal longitude and latitude. Have a dream, we keep moving forward

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development strategy

After years of technology accumulation and painstaking research and development, the company now has JW-871 and JW-881 two series of products.

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