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JW-782C two-nozzle high speed cam

Product classification: Municipal components

Product Features

Model Introduction: Model Introduction: Robust frame structure, stable FDP two color weft measuring and storage performance, upper mounted electronic dobby shedding, eccentric super heavy beating structure,


Product Details

product name:JW-782C two-nozzle high speed cam


product picture:


Robust frame structure, upgraded RDP two color weft measuring and storage performance with advantage in weaving NIM yarn and nylon series, upper mounted high speed cam shedding, eccentric super heavy beating structure, precise electronic let-off take-up system and smart operation meet the weaving requirements of ultra-high-speed and heavy density two color plain twill satin fabric, realizing high productivity and high grade. Optional intelligent equipments such as automatic water replenishment, automatic oil filling, automatic warp break detection, automatic adjustment of cloth tension, etc are available.


technical specification:




Effective Reed


2.6KW(belt main motor),3.7KW(servo main motor)


gear box structure ,oil lubrication system



Measuring feeder

electronic measuring&storage system


bicrank multilaid beating structure , super heavy weight balanced beating



 Heald Frame
(Max)8 pic 

Let off

electronic let off(standrd)

MLO、stepless speed transmission、belt transmission mode(optional)

beam diameter:φ800mm(standard),φ914mm、φ1000mm(optional)

L/R bi-bearing、bi-cudgel(standard)

Take up

electronic take up (standard).Weft density:5~82picks/cm

meachanical take up.Weft density:5~60picks/cm(standard)、35~90picks/cm(optional)

S or L take-up pattern,MAX.diameter:φ520mm

Catch Cord Device

gears cross-twist system、automatic yarn cutting sensor

Yarn-end  Disposal

false twist spindle

Weft Cutting

mechanical cutter


fibre optical feeler

touch screen for warmup、start、stop、inch、reversed inch

digital watch indicates output、speed、efficiency and stop frequency

4-color lamp for indicating stop cause
speed changing device


electronic(240w),water absorption pressure bar for drier fabric(optional)

 Weft Supply Stand

landen、fixed and four picks per set


Key words:

textile machinery,Water jet loom

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